Bondassage RATES

  Come intertwine into my lucid world of sensuality. Take this leap, explore and unleash your hidden kink. Let you and I create a safe relationship and bond in a euphoric place created only for us. Submitting yourself to the touch of my soft skin, my defined muscles and our consensual play, will guide our connection to intense bliss. Disappear from the sensory overload of the real world and enjoy the sensory deprivation of mine.



1Hr $350
90Min $525

What is Bondassage?

It is a session offered by certified practitioners. It is a journey of sensation and relaxation.                                                            Depending on your taste I offer Elysium as well. For more details please visit for all insight.

What to expect?

A consultation before we began to discuss your levels of comfort and safe word.

One-hour session of sensory deprivation.

You will be wearing headphones to cancel outside noise by playing hypnotic music.

Blind folds will be worn to help you relax

Both your wrist and ankles will be in restraints during the session.

You have the option to stand or lay on my massage table (when available)

Full body massage

The use of consensual toys

Incall Amenities :

Full Bathroom


Hygiene Care

Bottled water