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It has been 7 months since the return of Camille Greene, and I must say it has been one hell of a ride and well worth it too. I have met many new gentleman friends, while losing a few old ones. Some I knew for about 10yrs and others, I knew for a few months. I will admit to missing my long-time regulars, but I have grown, and times have changed. I have blossomed into a confident woman with different interest. Interest that must be respected. I wasn’t perfect throughout our time together, but they loved me for who I was hehe! Moving forward, I would have never guessed that I would be a fantasy dream girl (I may be over exaggerating here but let me be happy hehehe). You ladies and gents go wild and show my body much appreciation. My ass says thank you by the way! Like most women, I assumed my muscles would be taboo and boy was I wrong. My physique is highly desirable and this time around my dates have been wonderful experiences. I find the diversity of my clients is broader. I also must point out my curiosity of where the hell did you white guys learn how to handle a woman of my size!! Geesh! I am sorry for ever underestimating lmao. Most of my tryst exceeds the need for physical arousal. I am met by men who just want to enjoy their personal time with someone they have interest in. I have been experiencing several back to back sponsored trips, beautiful gifts and money randomly gifted in my accounts. Which reminds me I owe someone a French manicure 😊. I am grateful for all the gestures I receive no matter big or small. I appreciate the time that one chooses to spend with me no matter the duration.


    If you read my January blog, I mentioned wanting to be an equestrian and here I am today learning to ride. Though, that was one of my goals for 2019 I am not done with exploring.  I want to be introduced to music and arts and quench this inquisitive mind of mine. I want to see and explore it all hehe!! I have been influenced to enjoy what the true meaning of living has to offer me and it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the positive feedback I receive from you gentleman. FYI I will be more active with my blogs. I do miss writing and interacting xxo!

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