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   Who am I? Well, I know for sure I go by the name Camille Greene and I have for quite some time now. Some of you may recognize my name from a few years ago and some of you do not. I was gone for 3 years and reappeared often as Maxx Carter. I exited out of my profession at the time my business began booming due to being outed by a family member. If I knew what I know now I would have told him “mind your fu*king business you narcissistic, vile nutcase. While you’re at it kiss my happy *ss”. Hehe, did you feel my relief?

   Being an escort, companion or whichever title suitable has introduced me to a life of peace, growth, happiness, self-love, abilities and capabilities. Assets I didn’t have access to because of my low-income upbringing and my culture as an adult. Starting into this industry was not at all easy. There weren't many black escorts, the few I knew had doubted their worth (in comparison to white escorts), the community was much more segregated, and the review sites did not make it easy. It took a few years to make my mark and I kicked ass doing so. Building a brand for myself and influencing confidence in those who were coming from a place like me... it made me feel a bit special.

    My first few years in this industry I was not clear of who I was. but just a younger self blindly living life. Although, my 3 years out of the industry has given me much time to learn but I didn't feel complete. I was living my life in accordance to others and their beliefs. Due to my encounters of all things noun (did you laugh?)  I can now write my first blog!!

    My name is Camille Greene, an early 30’s New York girl who works as a business developer in the big city. I am personable, sweet, fun and spicy. My attitude is easygoing, and I am always wearing a smile. If you are into sexy woman then yay! My personality is sexy and it’s not going anywhere.  I have been sheltered most of my life and only began to travel 4 years ago. I enjoy engagements of all sorts whether they be indoor, outdoor, dinner, concerts, plays and more. There is wide spectrum of culture for me to indulge in to and I am going to enjoy my every experience. With my free time I am currently studying Spanish, I enjoy reading, writing poetry and I take interest in nutrition.  I want to partake in piano lessons, aviation lessons and horse riding but time will tell.  I love men and find them to be very appealing. So, no matter his age, size or ethnicity, I enjoy being accompanied by a respectful man.


                                              ..... To be continued




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PhillyH said on 12-16-2018 at 2:58 pm:

Thanks so much for writing back. It’s such a relief to bounce these points off of you. Open dialogue regarding any race issue can be so difficult because there’s always somebody looking to profit from a conversation turning ugly – which is the exact opposite of my intention, or yours.

And I like your point about “caring & giving”. Yes, that is a big feminine attribute men crave. Even if it seems we exhaust ourselves chasing down physical gratification, we still want that emotional connection. So why not just look towards women that are open to extending & receiving affection? Rhetorical question, obviously that’s exactly what I want. Then there is the physical attributes. Nice eyes are a big deal for me, black women normally have nice eyes. Hips are more pronounced & nicely pronounced, that is a very big deal to most guys. And of course there is the skin. I happen to think the black/white contrast is very appealing. Besides, dark skin is thought of as exotic even if most white men won’t openly admit to it.

The other morning, a black female doctor was standing in front of me in the Starbucks line. A curvy, attractive woman. I waited for her to turn around & I gave her a “good morning” and a smile. She smiled back. That was a big deal for me because I no longer want to be 1 of those guys limited by what society thinks is acceptable.

thank you for hosting an open discussion,

Hey Phil! 

My apologize for my duration. You are welcome for my feedback/interaction. This is why I think blogs are an asset for me and anyone who enjoys engaging in open dialogues :).  Not many people can converse with others with an open mind or give the minimum whic is the  perspective of someone else. I always say "just beacause people speak the same language doesn't mean they often understand one another". Anyone who can twist an interest  into an ungly discussion is just another way to expose their level of intellect  (a low level to be exact).  Anyway, I am happy that you are leading yourself and no longer standing on the sideline. YOU have YOUR 1 life to live. Fuck what anyone else thinks and I am estatic that you got your flirt on hehehe.  

PhillyH said on 12-16-2018 at 7:39 am:

good morning Camille, you made a point that caught my attention. You stated <<< the few (black escorts)I knew had doubted their worth in comparison to white escorts, the community was much more segregated>>>.
You are saying the white men are noticeably more accepting of ebony women these days? I've sensed, for some years now, that white men secretly desire ebony women as well. Myself, I'm now feeling completely drawn to black women. And I've asked myself why the change? I've noticed that black women own their feminine qualities in a much bigger way than others. And it's very attractive, desirable and magnetic.



Hi PhillyH,

From my experience as an escort I do believe white American men are noticeably more acceptable to black women specifically black American women. If I didn't emphasize on my Brazilian heritage I unfortunatley wouldn't have done as well as I had. There is a significant amount of white men who are drawn to black women, but many of these men are not confident enough to follow through with hiring an escort who is black. I believe this discouragement comes from the fear of public opinion, their belief in false bigot stereotype and the thought that there is a huge gap in cultural interest. I do not represent all black women but what I can state with confidence is that "we" own our feminime qualities, we are very caring and giving. We are the culture of love. Perhaps it's social media's exposure that has lifted the vail from your eyes influencing yourself and others to take interest.